Puppy Paws

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Puppy Paws

Approximately 2oz. of wax


These paws of waxy goodness can be broken easily into pieces and melted. There are 4 paws per bag, each paw is approximately .5 oz. Some scents will come in other shapes such as succulents, unicorns, etc. All bags will be approximately 2oz of wax weighed.   

For use in wax tart and candle warmers. Our favorites are those with a hotplate, for more consistent heat and quality of scent throw.
This product is NOT for consumption, this is a Home Fragrance product. 
Our wax is blended and poured in house, as Vapid Wax. We use a mixture of low melt temperature soy wax and just a touch of a paraffin/soy blend to hold scent and give a stronger, more glossy end product.