Summer Lovin' Sampler

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Summer Lovin' Sampler

In this sampler you'll receive 9 different summer scents in the following:

Amber Vanilla- Seductive amber and warm vanilla with a hint of musk.

Cherry Blossom Honey- Enticing blooms of wildflowers, red cherries and a hint of honey.

Coconut Isle- Tropical passionfruit, jasmine, sugared citrus and a hint of exotic florals sit on top of a coco nutty base with hints of vanilla and creamy milk.

If You Like....- ....Pina coladas. You get the drift.

Hawaii Five-o - Passionfruit, coconut and sweet vanilla sit on top of a layer of peach nectar, plumeria, mango and a hint of musk.

Orange Pineapple Fluff- A lovely medley of blood orange, pineapple, mandarin with a hint of vanilla and a cherry to finish it off!

Pool Daze- a wonderful blend of mermaid lily, tonka beans, sweet pea, cassis with hibiscus petals.

Sage & Lemongrass- Clean and green herbal blend of sage and lemongrass.

Sea Breeze- Shimmery blend of coconut, sea salt, vanilla with hints of musk and amber.